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Medical Fraud Warning

Please be advised that various organizations are contacting individuals by phone or mail offering them back braces and/or knee braces and claiming these braces are covered by Medicare, Medicaid or other insurance programs.  These individuals are not associated with Blount Orthopaedic Associates and have never been provided with any patient information.  


If one of our providers recommend that a brace is medically necessary they will discuss this with you in person during one of your appointments, not on the phone or by mail.


Other scammers claim to be calling from medical practices such as Blount Orthopaedic Associates and ask for verification of your personal information, i.e., your address, in an attempt to steal your identity. 

Blount Orthopaedic Associates takes these matters very seriously.  By making you aware of this, we hope this will stop patients from falling victim to these scams.  If you receive a phone call or a postcard in the mail from anyone claiming to be from Blount Orthopaedic Associates that appears to be suspicious, please call our office at (414) 332-6262.


Never give out your Medicare card number, Social Security number, birth date, address, bank account info, or credit card number to an unknown party.


The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services are very aware of these scams and recommend reporting instances of fraud to them at and the to the Better Business Bureau's Scam Tracker at

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